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Tangible closeness to nature, breathtaking moments in nature. Capture the moments – in your memory and in photographs that have a personal story behind them. Whether you have a professional camera or a cell phone with top camera features, learn great tips and tricks from the pros for your next photo trip.


Two day trip + workshop

Two-day excursion + workshop: Workshop contents: – creating interesting landscape photographs – reviewing and editing the resulting photographic material using Lightroom – preparing for post/stories


Day trip

Choice of subject, perspective, exposure time, aperture selection, ISO setting, use of polarizing filter, manual photography, smartphone photography, time for exchange + viewing of images.

Photography workshop as an outdoor experience

A short break from the social media or work world and immerse yourself in the worlds of landscape photography, with great people, new impressions in nature and places you’ve always wanted to see or have seen – and want to travel to again with us.

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